Table of Contents




Session 1: Aerodynamic Interaction of Wind and Trees, I



The VENFOR Project: Wind and Forest Interactions from the Tree Scale to the Landscape Scale

Y. Brunet, T. Fourcaud, A. Achim, R. Belcher, I. Calmet, J.P. Caltagirone, H. Cleugh, F. de Coligny, M. Devalance, A. Druilhet, J.J. Finnigan, H. Foudhil, M. Gamboa-Marrufo, B. Gardiner, D. Guyon, D. Hughes, M. Irvine, E. Lamaud, F. Lohou, A. Lopez, B.J. Marshall, P. Mestayer, A. Morse, K.T. Paw U, M.R. Raupach, D. Sellier, R.H. Shaw, D. Soulier, C. Wood, B. Yang




Storm-Related Characteristics of the Turbulent Airflow above a Scots Pine Forest

D. Schindler,  H. Mayer



Windstorm 'LOTHAR': Orographic Influences on Storm Damage in the Black Forest

J. Schmoeckel, C. Kottmeier, E. Aldinger, D. Seemann 




Session 2:  Aerodynamic Interaction of Wind and Trees, II



The Influence of Aerodynamic Properties of Forest Edges and Stands on the Pressure Pattern within a Forest

W.Agster, B. Ruck  




The VENFOR Project: the Role of Forest Edges in the Patterns of Turbulence Development - Findings from a Field Experiment, Wind Tunnel Experiment and a Large Eddy Simulation Model Experiment

A.P. Morse, Y. Brunet, M. Devalance, M. Gamboa-Marrufo, M.R. Irvine, B.J. Marshall, K.T. Paw U, R.H. Shaw, C. Wood, B. Yang, B.A.Gardiner  



Interaction of Trees with Boundary Layer Flow

J. Vogt , H. Lauerbach, M. Meurer, M. Langner



An Experimental Analysis of the Wind Induced Failure of Wheat Crops

M. Sterling, C. Baker, P. Berry




Session 3:  Aerodynamic Interaction of Wind and Trees, III



Calibration and Applications of a Shelterbelt Turbulent Flow Model

E. S. Takle, M. J. Falk, X. Zhou, J. R. Brandle



P3/ 1

Shelter Efficiency of Double-Arranged Windbreaks

C. Frank, B. Ruck



Scattered Trees and Wind Protection under African Conditions

C.J. Stigter, N. K. Nasr Al-amin, S.B.B. Oteng’i, R.M.R. Kainkwa, L.O.Z. Onyewotu



The Role of Wind for Fog Deposition Intensity in the Sudety Mts.

M. Blas, M. Sobik




Session 4:  Ecological Dynamics Following Windthrow



Windstorm Damage and Microsite Colonization in Pristine Pine Forests in Urho Kekkonen National Park, Eastern Lapland

H. Kauhanen




Consequences of Large-Scale Windthrow on the Regeneration and Diversity of Two Boreal Forests in the Central Urals

S.A. Mochalov, R. Lässig, P.A. Moiseev, V.A. Nechaeva, S.I. Fedorenko, Y.E. Michailov, A.Y. Syusko, A.V. Benkov, H. Lischke, E.A. Zoteeva



Wind Mortality in a Natural Deciduous Forest - Draved Forest, Denmark

A. Wolf, R. H. W. Bradshaw, P.F. Moeller, J. Bigler



Stand Renewal of Storm-Damaged Beech Forests under the Influence of Competing Vegetation

C. Angst




Session 5:  Aerodynamic Interaction of Wind and Trees, IV / Ecological Dynamics Following Windthrow



Wind-Driven Gap Formation and Gap Expansion in Spruce Forests of Upland 


C.P. Quine




The VENFOR Project: Response of a Homogeneous Forest Canopy to Wind Stress through the Analysis of Accelerometer Measurements

F. Lohou, A. Lopez, A. Druilhet, Y. Brunet, M. Irvine, E. Lamaud



Development of Forest Regeneration in Bavaria after the Storm Damages in 1990

H. Borchert, M. Mößnang, W.Guglhör



The Impact of Extreme Wind Events on Natural Forest Ecosystem Dynamics

M.G. Kramer




Session 6:  Storm Impacts and Risk Modelling, I



An Integrated Assessment of the Potential for Change in Storm Activity over Europe: Implications for Forestry in the UK

C. Hanson, J. Palutikof, T. Osborn, T. Davies, T. Holt, C. Quine




Evaluating WINDA - A Tool for Assessing the Probability of Wind Damage to Forest Stands

K. Blennow, E. Olofsson,  O. Sallnäs



Development of a GIS Based Wind Risk System for British Forestry

B.A. Gardiner, J. Suárez, C.P. Quine



Vulnerability of Forests to Storm Damage in a Forest District of South-western Germany Situated in the Periphery of the 1999 Storm (LOTHAR)

U. Kohnle, S. Gauckler




Session 7: Physical and Numerical Modelling of Airflow around Trees



Physical Modelling of a Finite Forest Area - Transport of Biogenic Emissions

S. Aubrun, B. Leitl, M. Schatzmann




Wind Effects on Populus sp.

G. Tevar Sanz, A. Sanz-Andres, M. Fernandez-Cañadas, M. A. Grande Ortiz



The VENFOR Project: A k-e Model for Simulating Wind Flow in Heterogeneous Forest Canopies

H. Foudhil, Y. Brunet, J.P. Caltagirone



On the Complex Atmospheric Flow Modelling Including Pollution Dispersion

L. Beneš, T. Bodnár, Z. Janour, K. Kozel, I. Sládek




Session 8: Storm Impact and Risk Modelling, II



Wind Damage in Alternative Silvicultural Systems: Review and Synthesis of Previous Studies

J.R. Moore, S.J. Mitchell, D.A. Maguire, C. P. Quine





Gale Disasters in Slovakia : Consequences and Management Implications

M. Pavlík,  Š. Pavlík




The Relative Importance of Soil Acidification and  Nitrogen Deposition for Storm Damage in Forests – Methodological Considerations and Presentation of a Broad Scale Study

P. Mayer, P. Brang, M. Dobbertin, S. Zimmermann



Tree Growth in Coastal and Inland Environments of Newfoundland: Wind, Salt Spray and Climate Change

P. Nosko




Session 9: Biomechanics, I



Failure Modes for Trees and Related Criteria

C. Mattheck, K. Bethge, R. Kappel, P. Müller, I. Tesari




Wind Stability of Trees on Slopes

A. Achim, B. Nicoll, S. Mochan, B. Gardiner



A Population Approach to Study Forest Stand Stability to Wind: Individual Tree-Based Mechanical Modelling

P. Ancelin,  B. Courbaud, T. Fourcaud



Acclimative Growth in Douglas-Fir

S.J. Mitchell




Session 10: Biomechanics, II



Compression Failures in Wind-Damaged Spruce Trees

M. Arnold




Effect of Precommercial Thinning on Balsam Fir Resistance to Windthrow

J.-C. Ruel, A. Achim, B. Gardiner, C. Larouche



Forest Stand Characteristics and Wind and Snow Induced Forest Damage in Boreal Forest

P. Pellikka, E. Järvenpää 



The Effect of Unidirectional Stem Flexing on Shoot and Root Morphology and Architecture in Young Pinus Sylvestris Trees

S. B. Mickovski, A. R. Ennos




Session 11: Storm Impacts and Risk Modelling, III



Planting - A Risk for the Stability of Forest Stands?

R. Nörr




Stand Conditions after Heavy Storm Windthrow in Northeast Estonia

K. Jõgiste, T.Ilisson



Assessment of Effects of Thinning on Wind Damage in Pinus thunbergii Plantations

J. Zhu, T. Matsuzaki, F. Li, G. Yutaka



Observations on Wind Damage in Permanent Forest  Plots

S. Braun, W. Flückiger




Session 12: Biomechanics, III



Root Anchorage of Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) Growing in Different Soil Conditions

V. Cucchi, A. Stokes, C. Meredieu, S. Berthier, M. Najar, D.Bert




Modelling the Influence of Morphological and Mechanical Properties on the Anchorage of Root Systems

L. Dupuy, T. Fourcaud, P. Lac, A. Stokes



Numerical Analysis of the Anchorage of Maritime Pine Trees in  Connection with Root Structure

T. Fourcaud, F. Danjon,  L. Dupuy



Incidence of Root Rots on Forest Strips along Mountain Roads in the Alps

N. La Porta, P. Ambrosi




Session 13: Storm Impacts and Risk Modelling, IV



Extent of Storms in the Ukrainian  Carpathians

V. Lavnyy, R. Lässig




Wind-Induced Damage to Polish Forests and the Methods of Mitigating its Effect

M. Mikulowski, W. Gil



Impact of Windthrow on Mountain Protection Forests

W. Schönenberger




Session 14: Biomechanics, IV



The VENFOR Project: Influence of the Aerial Architecture on Tree Swaying - An Experimental Approach

D. Sellier, D. Soulier, T. Fourcaud, Y. Brunet




The Effect of Growth Space Characteristics on the Tree Growth Response  with Respect to Tree Mechanics and Internal Stem Properties

F. Brüchert